Imagination and Red General

Courage through comics

This story is about how a comic book helped a young man to retry his faith in the future and hopefully will give you courage too. Regain your liking for life. 

Alex catches the last underground after work and reflects on a bad day. His boss has fired him, his rent and relationship with his girlfriend are in trouble, and his depressing life has left him breathless. A kid on the underground reading a comic caught Alex's attention, and he remembered his father taking him to buy his favourite Little People books when he was a kid, and he had yet to read them since he started working. The crowded underground finally starts to dwindle, and Alex drifts off to sleep in the underground. He dreamed that he was on the battlefield, a soldier under his favourite childhood hero, and he realised that in that comic book, General Red had given his life to save a soldier, and he wanted to remind his hero of that. And the war has been fought, countless swords, blood, and corpses terrify Alex, and he faces the fierce enemy like a wooden man. Finally, his hero stands in front of him and holds back the powerful enemy for him. His hero tells Alex that no matter how intense the enemy is, one cannot lose the right to fight against the odds. Alex wakes up to an empty underground and empty streets. Alex returns home and picks up his little man's book BLACK WAR again and his faith in the future.